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Some men refuse to use a condom because they claim that they are allergic to them. Well, I got news for you boys. You are not allergic to condoms; you are allergic to the latex in condoms. But don’t worry because Cheap London Escorts have found an excellent range of latex free condoms just for you. A friend of mine who works as part of a team of Cheap London Escorts said that her boyfriend had claimed he was allergic to condoms when they were about to have sex for the first time. Sue stood up for herself and said no sex without a condom. Of course, she wanted to have sex with her boyfriend, but Sue is strictly a safe sex girl and will not do anything unsafe. Being a smart and educated lady, she knew that her boyfriend wasn’t allergic to condoms; he was allergic to rubber. However, a couple of escorts in Windsor that I have spoken to say that quite a few guys claim that they are “mentally” allergic to condoms. Give me a break; they have apparently been reading some strange self-help advice on line that claims that men can be mentally allergic to condoms. As a matter of fact, many men are still reluctant to buy condoms, but like Cheap London Escorts say, there are now many places that you can buy condoms. Most escorts in Windsor do think that men may be a bit worried about buying condoms.


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If you are reluctant to go to Tesco or Boots for your condoms, you can try ordering them online say Cheap London Escorts. Once you start taking a look at the Internet, you will soon appreciate that you can buy almost anything online. The Internet is such a versatile marketing place for shopping this day, and you can buy anything from chocolate to condoms. Some leading condom manufacturers such as -Durex, even have their sites where you can order condoms. The ordering process is easy, and most condoms are delivered to you within 24 hours. You don’t even have to worry about the neighbours knowing. The majority of this kind of delivery services are done very discreetly, and it will not say Durex on the packet.


It amazes escorts in Windsor that men are worried about sexual protection, or avoiding pregnancy, in this day and age. Surely, it is just as important to them as it is to women, or isn’t it? A lot of us ladies blame our boyfriend’s mothers, but on this occasion, I think their fathers are to blame as well. Parents should encourage their sons to use condoms as soon as they become sexily active. I mention this to my husband, and he said that if he had a son, he would just go and buy a large supply, and give them to his soon. He would even give his soon a demo on how to use them. I wonder how far we are prepared to go as parents sometimes when it comes to getting involved. So there you go guys, sex is great and using condoms with or without latex, makes it safe as well.


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Okay, we are not talking cars here, we are talking about that sort of lube you use when you have sex. Sexual lube comes under many other different names as well It may be known as a gel, and it is short for lubricant. But does lube make a difference when you have sex? It can make a HUGE difference who may have a few problems getting wet or stimulated. When we start to age, our bodies produce fewer sex hormones, and that may mean that some women find it difficult to get wet. If you are not ready for sex, it can be very painful and make you sore. Instead of experiencing discomfort, it is better to use lube or gel. Cheap London Escorts spoke to a few women who were going through the menopause and found that most of them had introduced lube into their sex lives. They still wanted to have sex with their partners, but couldn’t quite seem to get there. This is where lube comes in so handy. One thing that the escorts in Windsor pointed out is that the name is a bit unfortunate. It would be better to find another name. Gel sounds a bit better, but it is still a bit clinical. So I set the Cheap London Escorts a challenge to come up with a new name for lube, or sexual lubricant, as it is officially known. The escorts in Windsor have promised to report back to me within a few days, and it will be interesting to see what our Cheap London Escorts girls have come up with.